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Junior Dragsters are run on a similar basis to their larger cousins above. However there are some differences that need to be noted. Junior Dragster drivers
can start from just age 8.There are 3 classes based on ET and driver’s age.You race over the 1/8th mile (half track length)
The junior drivers, as noted above, still have to have the full safety kit and require a non-race Interclub licence for Junior Dragster. Also for Junior Dragster
(but not junior Drag Bike), the parents or guardian must also have an Motorsport UK parental licence in order for the child to race.The cost of the licence for
the year is currently £25.
Junior Dragster drivers also have to complete a series of observed runs which are very similar to the adult racers.They must perform a 60ft pass, 330ft pass,
and a 1/8th mile pass to the satisfaction of the Race Director. Junior observed runs can also be carried out at RWYB events.
Junior Dragsters are available for hire from both the SPRC, and Santa Pod Raceway, at most levels of performance, giving a potential racer the opportunity
to try out Junior Drag Racing before purchasing a car for themselves. Observed runs can also be completed in these cars.


Supercharged front-engine open-bodied car or any car with a torque converter in the driver compartment (i.e.: one without a floor over the transmission)
must have a 3.2A/15 suit or as per Class Requirements.
All“suits”include a head sock, gloves and boots (3.2A/20 suit) or shoes (3.2A/15 suit). Suit can be one piece, or separate jacket and pants in the case of SFI
approval. Jacket and pants must each be labelled as meeting SFI Spec. All gloves must have a full layer of Nomex inside the glove. Leather palm gloves
without a full layer of Nomex separating leather from driver’s hand prohibited. Drivers in all open bodied front engine cars with open face helmet must
wear a breather style face mask and protective goggles. Drivers in all open-bodied cars must wear SFI spec 3.3 fire-resistant gloves. Drivers of any open
bodied car wearing an“open face”helmet must wear“racing type”protective goggles and a dual eye port, flame retardant balaclava. If a“closed face
helmet”is worn a balaclava is still may be required. See class Requirements.
There are a few final requirements that need to be addressed. If you have any open top vehicle (including a dragster) you will need a set of SFI arm
restraints. If your vehicle can run faster than 10.99 seconds on the quarter mile, you will need a neck brace. And finally, if you are lucky enough to have a car
capable of exceeding 200mph at the finish line, you are required to have a Hans type device.

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